Visitor Visas

At OTS Solicitors we have an extensive immigration department are one of the UK’s top firms for all immigration visas and we advise on a broad range of immigration visas including:

Business Visitor Visas

if you are working outside of the UK and are thinking of coming to the UK to carry out activities such as attending meetings, training and conferences.

Academic Visitor

If you are on an academic sabbatical, or if you are doing research or accompanying other students

Doctors and Dentists Undertaking Clinical Attachments or Clinical Observer Posts Visa

As a general guide to be successful in this category, the applicants must: Have graduated from a genuine medical or dental school; Provide documentary evidence of a clinical attachment or a dental observer post which: involves observation only and not treatment of patients; and is unpaid

-Maintain and accommodate themselves and any dependant adequately without using public funds (can also be maintained and accommodated by relatives and friends who are legally present in the UK)

The applicants must not:

  • Intend to take employment in the UK; and
  • Intend to produce goods or provide services within the UK including the selling of goods and services directly to the public; and
  • Study in the UK.

Dependants of the applicant can also apply to enter with them. Dependants can be partner, spouse or children. For this the family members will need to show that they meet the requirements of general visitor or child visitor rules.

If the applications are successful, they would be granted a ‘C: Visitor – clinical Attachment LTE 3 months’ or ‘C: Visitor-dental attachment LTE 3 months’. If they require an extension, a further 3 months at most can be added meaning a maximum of 6 months visa.

Child Visitors Visa

You must be under the age of 18 and meet the immigration eligibility requirements

Entertainer Visa

You must be an entertainer and meet the immigration eligibility requirements

Family Visitor visa

you must be visiting one or more family members in the UK and meet the other immigration eligibility requirements.

General Visitor Visa

you much intend to visit the UK as a tourist and only for leisure, no work or studying is permitted however, you may be visiting family or friends that are not permanent residence, or you may be donating an organ to a relative or friend. You must also meet the other immigration eligibility rerquirmenet.s

Marriage Visitor Visa

You must intend on getting married or registering a civil partnership in the UK. You intent to give notice of a marriage or civil partnership and that you are not planning on settling in the UK after your marriage and you must meet all the other eligibity requirements.

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