Dear OTC Solicitors, I am an Indian national working in UK under Tier 2 General category. My previous visa category was Tier 1 Post Study Work which expired on 30 Dec 2011. My employer applied for my Tier 2 General Visa in Nov 2011, however there was an error in my SOC code and therefore my application was put on hold for 6 months. My employer contacted UKBA and corrected the code. Following correction, I was granted with Tier 2 visa but the date of issue was Jun 2012 and not Dec 2011. Therefore, I am not sure the period of six months (Dec 2011-Jun 2012) is covered by which Visa category? Also I am planning to apply for ILR, which requires completion of 5 years on work permit. Again, I am not sure if my 5 years will be completed on Dec 2016 or Jun 2017? My current visa expires on Dec 2017.

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