Dear OTS Solicitors, my spouse and I were about to move to UK and my spouse was granted a spouse visa this year. Now we have settled in Uk with our children ( all UK citizens) and in our own house. However my job takes me to Singapore for several years. My wife and children intend to stay in UK while I will be visiting UK for 90 days per year and they will visit me in Singapore for 90 days per year too. In effect we will spend 180 days together. I intend to return to Uk within few years as this is a temporary placement within Uk based company. Can my wife apply for spouse visa extension and ILR eventually under this circumstances?

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Thank you for your enquiry.

When applying for an extension as a spouse and subsequently Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK as a spouse, amongst all other requirements stipulated within Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules, you must demonstrate that you both have the intention to live together permanently and that your relationship is genuine and subsisting. 

We have dealt with a similar situation to your wife's whereby our client was issued with Leave to Remain successfully. Of course each application is unique and will be decided on its own merit. 

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