Dear OTS solicitors, I am applying as a EEA national for a permanent residence card. My paperwork is fine, been here 5 years, worked all the time, except I have worked 2 jobs short term without obtaining Worker Registration Scheme Permission for each of them because my employer didn't ask me to. Those were my first 2 jobs. I have done so for the 3rd job. Then the scheme ceased to work any longer. I haven't finished a 12 month period with any of these employers. All this is stated in my forms to be sent off. Would you be able to advise whether my application will get refused because of this? Many Thanks

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Thank you for your question.

We can check over your forms before you send them to see if the paperwork is correct and adequate evidence that you have been living in the UK as a 'qualified person' for five continuous years. If there is a problem with you application or the evidence is insufficient, we may be able to write a letter explaining your circumstances.

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