Dear OTS Solicitors, I applied for Tire2 (minister of religion) visa from Bangadesh and have been rrefused on 11January 2014.I applied for permission for Judicial Review. 3days ago I received a Consent order latter from Tresary Solicitor saying that they reconsidering me if I withdraw JR. Dear OTS Solicitor, If I withdraw JR,will I get Visa? I would be grateful if you could inform me that what would be my next step or decision.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your question.

We note that the Treasury Solicitors acting for the Secretary of State for the Home Department are offering to reconsider your application on the condition that you withdraw your Judicial Review claim against the Secretary of State.

At OTS Solicitors our Judicial Review team are made up of specialist immigration lawyers that will successfully negotiate the best terms of your Consent Order on your behalf.
In answer to your question, you must consider the possibility that the Secretary of State may refuse your application against following their reconsideration of your case. Have you asked for a right of appeal if they do refuse your case again? You must also consider that the Secretary of State will take a long time to reconsider the application. Have you therefore provided a defined time-scale in which the Secretary of State must reconsider your case? You must also consider that the Secretary of State may be liable to pay your costs for the Judicial Review claim. Have you therefore included provisions for claiming back these costs from the Secretary of State/Home Office? Without consideration of the above, you may therefore have no further opportunity to ask the Court for relief in this case and you may be reliant on the Secretary of State to act on their promises within the consent order. It is therefore imperative that you / your solicitor carefully and strategically word the Consent Order to protect your legal interest.

If you are still unsure of your next steps or what the correct decision would be in your case, our specialist Judicial Review immigration lawyers base in London are ready to take you through these final important steps in your Judicial Review matter. To ensure that you are strongly represented to settle your case on best possible terms, call our solicitors today to arrange a details consultation. You can reach us on 0207 936 9960 or by completing our Contact From.

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