Dear OTS Team, I would like to apply for Tier 1 program along with a partner and i can arrange required funds for the business and for the family. Upon receipt of VISA my family will migrate to UK according to VISA period. However i may not be able to fulfill the condition of 180 days of stay in the UK annually but my partner can. Will i and my family be eligible for the VISA extension after 3.4 Years ? Will my partner be eligible for visa extension ? Best Regards

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Thank you for your below enquiry, and further to our telephone conversation, please be advised that the absences which are more than 180 in last 5 years during the time of your 5 years of the Tier 1 status, will not make you quaify for the settlement, and so for your dependents, however if you require further clarifications, please let me know and I will be glad to assist you.

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