Dear OTS team, I trust your excellence. I would like to explore options for my parents. I am a British citizen and a qualified GP. My parents are Sri Lankan citizens. My father is a UN retiree and has a UN pension of roughly £32000 a year and both my parents have lifetime unlimited health cover via the UN so they won’t be a burden to the NHS and there won’t be any access to public funds. Can they have a longer visa to so they can spend a longer time with meow settle in the UK as I am their only child. The visitor visas restrict them to 6 months a year. I believe the visas for a retired person of independent means were withdrawn years back. Regards NP

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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your enquiry.

I note the information you provided and your interest in obtaining Leave to Remain/ residence for your elderly parents in the United Kingdom. Please note this is possible but there are several requirements for this application to be submitted to the Home Office. The best way to proceed would be to meet us in person at our offices.

Our Immigration Solicitors will contact you shortly.

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