Dear OTS team, I'd like to know how much it would cost (fixed rate incl. VAT) to help me with a Spouse Visa Application. I have Refugee Leave to Remain residence permit. I'd also like to know the fee for a one-off consultation if I need your support to look at my application before submitting it.. Thank you

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Thank you for your enquiry. 

Our consultation rate is £90 (+ VAT if applicable) for a 30-minute consultation or £180 (+ VAT if applicable) for a 60-minute consultation. This meeting will take place in confidence between yourself and one of our qualified lawyers to establish the full details of your specific circumstances; taking down your full instruction; we will consider all the applicable legislation, policy and any case law that will need to be taken into account in to your case; we will finally have a detailed discussion to advise on your options and merits of success in your case. A costs-benefit analysis and a full explanation of our duties towards you will be provided, with plenty of time for you to ask any further questions for clarification before the end of the consultation.  

The fixed fee for a Spouse visa will depend on the individual application and complexity. Please see the fees page on our website for guidelines. If you would like to book an initial appointment, please call 02039 599123

Thank you. 

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