dear ots team , aim a Palestinian/ Lebanese refugee with 49 years old , working at a senior managerial position national emarattii co , majid alfuttain / carrefour retail , with almost 25 years of experience between the retail business as well import / export agri food sector . i am thinking of creating my own business and have my own establishment , i was direct it to nether-land for the huge business opportunities , but still seems the tire 1 visa at England is also a great opportunity , financially i have no concerns with the funding , and since my kids are all above 18 i would like to start such business experience alone . what i wish to know as first the business opportunities at England , then , is my case can be approved ? , what will be the procedure and costing , time frame ,rg

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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your Tier 1 Entrepreneur enquiry.

Our business immigration solicitors will contact you shortly.

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