Dear Sir: I am a greek citizen/national. In 1998 I married to a british national, born in S. Rhodesia in 1955. His father was british by birth, and his mother a british citizen born in S. R. We had 2 children, born in Greece in 2001/03. We never lived in the UK. My husband died in 2013. Recently, I applied for british passports for the children, and was told they were not eligible because their father's citizenship was by descend, not by birth - changed with the liberation of the country. Upon my protest, they advised me to apply for citizenship for them. However, living in Greece using a UK based solicitor makes it difficult and expensive - the application fee alone is over 2000€!!! Do you think the kids have a chance? Do you offer any special arrangements?

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Dear Madam,  in order to ascertain whether your children may be eligible to register as British Citizens or apply for a British Passport, it would proof useful for one of our immigration advisor to arrange a telephone consultation with you. One of our immigration advisors will be in touch to arrange a consultation with you. 

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