Dear Sir I am a British citizen and would like to bring my brother who is an Indian citizen to join me here. My brother did his PhD from Uk but has mental health issues and does not work. He is single and fully dependent on me economically and emotionally. Currently he loves with my father who is 85 yrs old in India and I anticipate that I may have to return back to India to be with him if I cannot bring him to UK permanently as it will not be safe to leave him alone after my father passes away. I am single , live in a rented 2 bedroom accommodation and work as a doctor in the UK. I shall be grateful for any help.

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Thank you for your question.  To bring your brother to the UK on an Adult Dependent Relative Visa, you would need to show that he requires long-term care and help with day-to-day living and that care and help are not available in his home country.  The threshold is exceptionally high and few applications succeed.  However, we have recently obtained a successful decision regarding an Adult Dependent Relative Visa and can assist you with an application.  The only other alternative is likely to be helping your brother secure employment in the UK on a Tier 2 (General) Visa (although from your question we would assume this is not a realistic option).

Someone will be in touch with you in the next few days to see how we can assist.

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