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I am a romanian citizen, been living in UK since 2009. I have aquired permanent residency in Nov 2016, (I contacted home office beforehand to ask what are the requirements and was advised to take the english and life in UK test which I did). I have then sent my Naturalisation application and was refused because my english test has expired a few months prior. The reason they didn’t accept it even though it they still do for no. EU citizens is because they said I didn’t need it for my permanent residency application even though they advised me to take the test prior to my application!! I find this highly unfair as if I wouldn’t be an EU citizen they would still take it into account even if it was expired. Can I argue this decision or do I need to apply again?

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Dear Madam,

Many thanks for your question.

You may need to contact the Home Office to request an extension of time to submit a valid English Language Test certificate. If this is not accepted, you will need to retake the test and submit a new Naturalisation application.

We will contact you shortly to discuss this further.

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