Dear Sir/Madam. I became british citizen in 2011 and went to my country Iran. in 2014 i got married and now have a 4 months old son. As i know i have to earn 18600 pound to bring my wife to uk, but my question is this: Can i earn 22400 pound (for my son and wife together ) as well to bring him to uk? or do i have to get british passport to bring him to uk? Because someone told me for my son i must get a british passport to bring him to uk and im now allowed to pay tax for him as i pay for my wife . Thanks for your useful site

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Thank you for your enquiry.

A UK settled person, who wishes to sponsor a non-EEA spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner or fiancé to join them in the UK, must have a minimum salary of £18,600 per year and have had this level of income for six months or more.  A further £3,800 is required for one dependent child and £2,400 for each additional child.

Your son may be eligible for British citizenship, however we will require further information in order to assess this.

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