Dear Sir/Madame I am algerian married to British citizen. I recieved a refusal of entry clearance for the following reasons : I have provided a degree in Interpreting and Translation in Arabic-French-English but ECO was not satisfied that this has been reconized By NARIC Uk as equivalent to a Bachelor's or Master's degree or PHD in UK. Also I am not exempt from the English language requirement under paragraph E-ECP.4.2. Also Me and my spouse do not currently live together and have not done so in the last ten years. I would like to appeal against ECO decision. Would you please help me if this is a wining case if your services will represent me in appeal or in court. Sincerly yours

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Thank you for your question. You may be able to appal the refusal of entry-clearance on Human Rights grounds. However, you would need to come in for an appointment to discuss this.

Please note, this answer cannot be taken as a legal advice until we have your full instructions. The answer provided above is for information purposes only, if you would like to proceed to full legal advice and consultation with our immigration solicitors, please let us know your availability for an appointment by contact us on 0207 936 9960 or through our contact form.

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