EDIT I was guaranteed sponsorship by the NHS. Those were the conditions of starting work. NHS waited until december to apply for the Licence. My student visa expires on the 30th of january and they said they need more time. I read there is a 14 day consideration period of previous expiration. However, I am not sure if I should stay and come back on a visitor visa or overstay for those 14 days. The tier 2 guidance policy states I can overstay 14 days but does state if I can still apply if I go and come back a couple days later as a visitor but within 14 days of my student visa expiring. PLEASE HELP

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Dear sir,

It is very unfortunate that your visa is due to expire, however, we would not encourage you overstay in the UK, because a Sponsor Licence  application can take a few weeks to be processed. We recommend that you leave the UK and apply as Tier 2 Migrant once the Sponsor Licence is granted and the organisation assigns the correct CoS to you. For more information, a business immigration solicitor at our firm who specialises with Tier 2 visas shall contact you shortly.  

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