Employment Contracts

Employment contracts govern the relations between you and your employee. It is a legal requirement that employers provide employees with a written statement of terms of Employment. Whilst a contract of Employment does not need to be in writing, in almost all cases it is advisable for employers to provide a written contract of Employment as this is far more advantageous to the employer.

At OTS we offer expert legal advice on all aspects of Employment contracts and provide a personalized and quality service. Our specialist solicitors can discuss your business requirements with you and offer well-written contracts that are specifically tailored for your organization and clearly set out your employees terms and conditions.

Employment Contract

A contract of Employment would not only include the minimum terms governing the Employment relationship; for example hours, place of work, notice requirements and remuneration but would also serve to include details such as confidentiality clauses, post termination restrictions, intellectual property rights as well as enabling the employer to vary some of the terms of Employment

Without a formal Employment contract, your contract with employees will be implied by statute and based upon statutory rights, custom and practice. All employees will have a contract of Employment under these terms regardless of whether this is in writing or not and disputes often occur due to different understandings about these terms.

Being in business ourselves we recognized the importance of how good Employment contracts play a fundamental role in protecting the vital interests of your business, ensuring there is a clear understanding of the obligations of employer and employee alike, and it is legally compliant.

How can we help?

Our friendly employment law experts have extensive experience with employers and employees and will ensure your contracts are well-written clearly setting out your employees terms and conditions and specifically tailored for your organization to comply with current changes in employment law.  

We are ideally placed through our experience and expertise to provide you with a clear, jargon free and pragmatic approach to resolve any Employment contract queries you may have.  We will work in your best interest to provide a valuable service and solutions specifically for your contractual requirements.

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