Good afternoon, Both me and my husband are of portuguese natinalities but we both been living and working in london for around 15 years. Now i'm looking to apply for a permanent residence card, and i know i should be ok, but my husband a few years back left the country for 15 months, he has been back now for 4 years in august. Before he left he was here for about 11 years. Would he be able to apply for a permanent residence card since it hasn't been 5 years since he returned to the country? How would be the best way of proceeding? Your help with this would be very much appreciated.

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Thank you for your question. Your husband acquired permanent residence status from living and working in the UK for 11 prior to leaving the country. permanent residence status can be lost if a person leaves the UK, but the period of absence generally must be for two years or more. It is therefore very likely that your husband will be granted his permanent residence Card.
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