Hello, as EEA citizen I moved to UK in 2/2020 to work. I made my EU settlement in 4/2020 with pre-settled status done. I live with my durable (unmarried) partner non-EEA national. We live together over 5 years. We moved to UK together, she came on her passport (allows 6 months) and German Residence card as visitor. We applied first for Spouse visa, but no decision after 7 months. Can she legally stay in UK before her decision? Can we apply for EUSS for family member? If we apply for EEA family member settlement is her Spouse visa application withdrawn? Is EU Settlement decision faster compare to Spouse visa? It became urgent, as she has job offer, but without decision she can't start work. Or can we re-apply again for Spouse visa with super priority service to get decision faster?

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