Hello, I am having a Tier 2 ICT visa valid till Sep 2020 and my wife is having a PBS dependent visa. She is working as a QA analyst for a UK form. She wish to switch for a Tier 2 General. Her employer is listed as licensed sponsor. I have the following questions 1. To get the CoS, her employer will have to advertise the JD as restricted under RLMT. What are chances that no one applies for the advertised positions considering she is a QA analyst and there might be many aspirants in the market waiting for an opportunity. She is from Insurance domain having manual and automation experience in Software QA. 2. Considering my visa expires in Sep, is there a fair window for her to apply for RLMT, go to India for stamping etc? 3. What are the steps we need to consider? Thanks

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Thank you for your enquiry. We need further information from your wife. Please contact our office to discuss this matter. Please call us on 0203 959 9126.

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