Hello, I'm an EEA Citizen living in the UK since 2007. I've worked as self employed / employed and paid my contributions. I've studied from 2013 to 2016 in Lodon and got a Bachelor Degree. Got married here in 2011 to a EEA Citizen which became British citizen in 2017 after being in this country since 2007. In November 2017 I've applied for a British naturalisation as the spouse of a British citizen, application that was refused because I did not have the ILR. On their booklet doesn't say anything regarding ILR if you apply as a spouse of a British citizen. it says that you have to proof that you lived in this country for the last 3 year's. I've provided all the documents showing that I was in this country for the last 4 years at least, before applying. Could you please advise?

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Many thanks for your question.

As an EEA National, you would have been required to acquire permanent residence prior to making a naturalisation application. 

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