Hello, my mother and I moved to Uk over 10 years ago, but left before we could get a british citizenship due to the fact that my adoptive father left to work abroad. The adoption has not been formalized because our our family went abroad. My mother is currenly in the final stages of getting a UK citizenship. At the moment I am in russia with a Russian passport. My adoptive father is a citizen of Uk, but has not been working in it for over 10 years. He is currenly thinking of retirement in a few years and moving back to UK. I wish to be there for him, but I am hampered by the fact that I do not have a British residency. What do I have to do to move to the UK? I do not have a current job offer, but my faimily is willing to support me financially.

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Thank you for your question. Because your adoption is not formal, you may find that the only way you can enter the UK is on a Tier 2 work visa. To apply, you will need a job offer from a company that has a license to sponsor employees from outside the EEA.

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