Hello! I am an international student living in UK on general tier 4 student. I have applied to extend my tier 4 visa because I met all the conditions to do that. I made a mistake in Visa Application which is I put wrong issuing authority of my National Id Card. I put the same as my passports because theres no issuing authority written on my card. I am planning to provide my National Id card with my documents which do NOT mention any issuing authority. Is there any way I can ammend the mistake? Thanks!

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Dear sir,

Thank you for your question.

You can write to the Home Office to advise them of your mistake, so this is taken into account when considering your documents. Depending on if you have already submitted your documents this can be done when you submit your supporting documents or after they have been provided. If you would like some assistance with preparing the letter, you can contact us to arrange an appointment where we can give advice on who to provide the letter to and the contents, we can also draft the letter on your behalf.

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