Hello. I am not EEA citizen (South Korean) and staying with my Italian boyfriend for 2 years. I planned to apply unmarried residency visa around this October, however, I found the scheme will change to unsettled/settled scheme in next March in 2019. Someone said that it can take up to 6 months, so I had to apply by this September to hold the card by March. Can I still apply 'the Extended family members of EEA nationals'? or does 'the Settled and pre-settled status for EU citizens and their families' have a similar scheme for unmarried partner? Thank you so much.

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Thank you for enquiring with OTS Solicitors.

Based on the information you have provided, it would appear that you may be able to apply for a residence card on the basis of being an unmarried partner of an EEA National provided that you satisfy the relevant criteria of the EEA Regulations 2016.

Please note, that the United Kingdom are scheduled to leave the EU in March 2019. It still remains unclear as to the introduction of unsettled/settled scheme however, those who have already obtained residence/permanent residence prior to March 2019 will preserve their rights.

We would be happy to assist you, but it is important for us to understand your situation in full detail and to have full instructions from you.

Our solicitors will contact you shortly.

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