Hello Sir ,

I would like to ask some questions however first I would like to describe my situation :
I came to this country in 2008 illegally and the Home Office caught me working in 2009 illegally and they release me in same Day . 1 year later I met my wife which she is EU citizen and we get married in 2011 than I have been granted 5 years EU family member residency document .
In 2016 I have been granted ILR .

I saw an Immigration lawyer recently and he said to me : he can put through British Citizenship application and he can make big argument against Home Office why they didn't deported me in 2009 when they should DO . This is when they bring Good Character argument .
Please Sir , my question is :
what you can advice me please Sir

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Dear Sir,

We would advise that without exceptional circumstances to justify a deviation from the usual policy it would be better to wait until 10 years has passed from you regularising your immigration status prior to applying for British nationality. Please note that you can lose your permanent residence if you stay out of the country for 2 years or more.

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