Hello Sir
Hello sir
My UK student visa issued 28th SEP 2009 and travel on 4th Jan 2010 and I finish my study 30th March 2016 then I came back UK on 26th OCT 2016 which is valid till 8th Feb 2020. ( from 30-3-2016 to 26-10-2016 I Remain out and preparing my entrepreneurship file ) Mean I remain out almost six month , can I eligible to apply ILR 10 year basis ??? appreciate guidance according I work on your suggestion thanks

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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your question regarding indefinite leave to remain based on 10 years lawful residence in the UK (continuous residence). We will be required to go through your Immigration history in further detail in order to establish whether your absence will affect your application.

Our solicitors will contact you shortly.

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