Hello there. I am from greece and i have made a civil partnership with my russian wife from march of 2017...2 years now. she has permission for leaving and working in greece. we are planning to move in London because i will start working there in the next 2 months.i want to know what steps we need to follow for not having problems in the airport. How she will travel with me? I read smw that she needs only one family permit. Is that correct? And if yes where and how we will make it? Thank you for your time

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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your question.

As you are in a civil partnership with your partner, she will be considered as a family member of an EEA National. She can therefore enter the UK via a family permit application providing the necessary requirements are met. 

We will of course require further information in order to advise you on this matter. Our solicitors will contact you shorty. 

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