Hello i'm am a Tier 2 Visa holder in the UK granted by the Home Office. In 2016 my visa will expire and to renew my visa I need to meet the requirements for Tier 2 salary. Can I find another sponsor? I also have a child who is not 7 years old but born in the UK. Do i have any immigration options? I also have a husband in the UK and I would need Tier 2 visa advice for him. Thank you

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Thank you for your question.

Your case raises certain complex matters which our specialist Immigration solicitors, who are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority would be confident to advise you on. We would be able to offer you assistance as part of a one-off consultation or otherwise as part of our full representation service. Your query regarding your Tier 2 visa and also your husbands Tier 2 visa has been forwarded to the relevant department and our Immigration lawyers will be in touch with you today to explain how to proceed for the best outcome in your Immigration cases.

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