Hi, a friend, his mother and sisters came to UK as dependant of EEA national (Italian) in Jan 2017. In May 2017 the family members all applied for 5 year residency. My friend aged 22 was refused in November as they wanted more information about him being dependant. The refusal stated he could appeal within 2 weeks or make a fresh application. He made a fresh application and his residency was granted January 2018. He appluied fo university this year to start September but STudnt Loans company have dragged their heels. Fried has always complied. They now want confirmation of what his status was between June 17 and January 18. Hoke office have never said anything in respect of his status. He applied, they refused, he applied again and they accepted? What was his status in that period?

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Many thanks for your question. We will need to discuss this matter with your friend further in order to advise you accordingly.

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