Hi, I am Anthony Adu Poku from Ghana and My late daddy Stephen Yaw Poku entered Great Britain in 1962 and studied at the City University, London and obtained his Masters degree in Sciences of Engineering and Mathematics and also worked in Britain and obtained a British passport till he finally left Britain to Ghana in 1972. He met my mother and gave birth to me in 17th December, 1984.Though i have information on his National Insurance Number but i do not have a copy of his British Passports, can i still apply for a British passport.Again i have three brothers who are currently British citizens in Uk now,one obtained it by birth about 20 years ago,the other two obtained it last year using my father's british passport.Please i need your advice before, i can start anything.

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Thank you for contacting us with your enquiry. You may be eligible for a UK passport if your father was a British Citizen otherwise by descent. Please contact us on 0203 959 9123 to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your citizenship matter.

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