Hi, I am a UK resident and I lived here for 10 years continuously and lawfully. My question is, that my case is in the appeal right now, but i have completed my legal time period of legal stay for ILR, which is 10 years. I have provided my 2 passports to the Home Office, already, but they have been expired. I am waiting for my current up-to-date passport, which is due to arrive in the next 2 weeks. Can I add my new up-to-date passport with my ILR application please, as I am intending to go for a PEO same day service, soon. I will be much obliged for your help,

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Thank you for your enquiry.

Please note due to changes made by the Immigration Act 2014, there had been some changes to the way section 3C leave is calculated. It is very important for us to know when your application was submitted, when it was refused and when the appeal was lodged in order to confirm whether you should apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain or not. 

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