Hi, I came to the UK in 2003 on a 1 Year student visa. After the expiration of that visa, I didn't reapply and subsequently became an over stayer. In February 2018, I was involved in a domestic violence offence. Shortly after, I was sentenced to a non-custodial sentence and granted immigration bail on the condition of reporting, bi-weekly, to the home office reporting center. At the same time i was having to attend a offender rehabilitation course three time a week, lasting couple of hours a week. Keeping up with the probation attendance and the immigration condition of reporting got too much and I stopped reporting. My question is, am i considered an absconder? If so, what are the avenues for me to re-engage with the home office without being detain.

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Thank you for your enquiry with us. 
Your matter is complex as there are various issues to be considered. We would need further information to properly assist and advise you in accordance with the Immigration rules and your circumstances. If you do not make an application to the Home Office, there is a high risk that the Home office may detain and start removal action against you. Should you wish to discuss this, we suggest that you come and speak to one of our lawyers. 
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