Hi, I came to the UK with my husband and 2 kids from Eu country as a non-EEA family member of EEA national. After 6 months I applied for residence permit and granted. Last February I applied for PR card, I got replied and more questions and asking for more supporting documents to proof if my husband exercising treaty right in the eu country which he did. But our problem at the moment we don't keep paper work when he worked as self employed . Actually we all threw all paper works before we moved. Now I am worried that they will refused my application. My husband is british , We are married, with 2 young children (5&7). Be grateful for any advice thank you.

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Thank you for your enquiry.

You are required to provide extensive evidence to the Home Office to demonstrate that your husband is exercising Treaty rights in the UK. You can contact HMRC to get a record of your Employment history. 

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