Hi, I have a Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa refused. The AR was refused as well given the fact that designated competent body endorsement was unsuccessful. My wife was included as my dependent. Previously I had a Tier 2 visa. Now we are going back to our home country. However, my wife wants to study a self-financed Master degree at a University. Can she come to UK for study with Tier 4 visa with me and our daughter as her dependents? What will be her challenges to obtain the Tier 4 visa from home country?

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Many thanks for your Tier 4 enquiry.

I understand your wife would like to enter the UK as a student for the purpose of studying a master’s degree at a UK university. If your wife is granted a Tier 4 visa, it may be possible for you and your child enter the UK as her dependants, providing you meet the relevant requirements. Your wife will of course be required to have an offer at a UK university and she must also be issued with a CAS.

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