Hi, my wife's FLR(m) extension was swithed to FLR(FP) because the home office caseworker failed to apply my finanacial details correctly, a reconsideration request was rejected as well as a PAP, we applied for JR and now home office is requesting we withdraw JR and they will reconsider the decision and pay cost. We want to know whether in the event where they maintain the original decision after we withdraw the JR, can we reapply JR against the new decision, or will that be too late as the 3month grace from the original decision date would have long elapsed. Thanks

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Thank you for your question.

It may be best to negotiate with the Home Office to keep the Judicial Review application in place whilst the decision is being considered. You will need a professional solicitor to advise you and negotiate with officials. We will be in touch shortly to discuss this with you further.

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