Hi, I’m applying as Tier 2 dependant for ILR through 5 year route. For English language requirements, I have a one year PG certificate course from Portsmouth University which I passed in 2017. It was distance learning course and I had graduation ceremony in 2017. My question is, does a PG certificate course qualify as an acceptable English language qualification from UK university or there are certain restrictions on what would qualify as UK university degree. Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your enquiry.

I note the information you provided and your interest in spouse visa in the United Kingdom. Please note that applicants holding a postgraduate diploma, or a graduate diploma from a UK university, are considered to have the required level of English for a settlement or citizenship application. However if you are still unsure of this then the best way to proceed would be to meet us in person at our offices.

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