Hi, I am a 51 year German, married for 10 years to a British husband and live in the UK for the last 25 years. I have worked most of that time and only stopped working last September. So I paid taxes for most of my life and recently got a statement of what pension I would be allowed based on my NI contributions. Our son has dual nationality (German/British). In the light of Brexit would you recommend me to get a permanent residence card and then following that would I be allowed to get dual citizenship like my son? I am a school governor for 8 years and keep working voluntary at schools - I love this country. So sad that I now have to live in fear and your advice is much appreciated

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Thank you for your question. We completely understand your distress, but we think you can relax. If you have been exercising your EU Treaty rights and working in the UK, then you could apply for a permanent residence card. As you have been in the UK for so many years, you may also wish to apply for British citizenship. To do this you will need a permanent residence Card.
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