Hi, I am Dutch citizen living in the UK since June 2020. And I am working full time. I would like to bring my parents (dad and mom) and my brother from Afghanistan to live with me in the UK because my parents are too old (between 65 – 70) and my brother is 16 years old and he is disable from his birth. And they are unable to care themselves or to care my brother. My question is: is that possible to bring all three of them in the UK to live with me? What type of visa they need? Do they have to pass any English test? Because I am living and working in the UK for about two months so is that possible to apply for visa for them?

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Thank you for your enquiry. As an EEA national you can apply for family permits for your family members to come to the UK. Please call us on 02039 599123 to discuss the specific requirements for your parents and your sibling. We look forward to hearing from you.

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