Hi, My asylum Claim based on LGBT has been granted on 5th may 2020. Now can my partner apply for my dependant as she wasnt included in my main asylum application, but I have mentioned her as my partner and in my first court hearing she was there as my witness, and we have provided all the prove of our relation, such as address, pictures. So now can she apply as my dependant? Or she needs to claim asylum as well. She didn’t apply with me because her another case is on going. There is another question, Can she apply as my dependant while her ETS (Toeic) case is pending? Please I need help on this ASAP.

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In order to provide you with solid advice that you can rely on we would need more information about your partner’s background such as their nationality, their risk on return, the length of your relationship etc. Given that she also had TOEIC related issues, we cannot give you a definitive answer we would need to understand her case and immigration history better. We suggest that you contact us on 02039 599123 to book a consultation with one of our team who can provide you with advice tailored to your circumstances.

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