Hi. I am a 42year old woman studying for a master of social work in Australia. I have a first degree in psychology from Zimbabwe. I am a Zimbabwean citizen. I complete my studies in November 2019. I have applied for a graduate entry master of mental health nursing with the university of Nottingham to start Jan 2020. Should I receive an offer am I able to get a tier 4 visa and add my 15year old daughter and husband who are still in Zimbabwe? Secondly I once visited England on a visitors visa in 1999 and overstayed till 2000 but managed to visit again in 2002 and they allowed me to enter and I did not over stay. My husband also over stayed from 1998-2000. Will this affect our tier 4 application and will my change in studies be a problem. Will you be able to assist with the visa application?

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