Hi. I am an EU citizen, came to the UK in 1995 as student. I studied on various degree levels until end of 2001. Started working in early 2002, and work since then. Never needed to apply for PR or nationality. I intend to do now, apply for PR and then nationality. Can i apply for EEA (PR) claiming continuous residence for the last 7 years? (which seems to be more than enough). Once the PR is decided, pressume one can directly apply for naturalisation? I also have a couple of other questions, you can reply privately and could have a phone discussion.Thanks.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Many thanks for your questions.

You will be required to apply for permanent residence first, providing you have been a qualified person for at least 5 years in the UK. There are various other requirements you will need to meet for permanent residence. Once you acquire permanent residence, you can apply to naturalise as a British citizen. 

We will contact you shortly to discuss this matter further.

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