Hi! I am from India. I run a very successful coaching institute in India and my husband is also into real estate business. My husband and his mother are planning to apply for Tier 1 enterprenuer visa as a team. We have access to £200000 but the problem is that what kind of business can we do there. I and my family would also be joining them as dependants. I can run a coaching institute there also but I am not able to understand about the feasibility of this business out there. We were also thinking about buying a grocery store there but then when it comes to making a business plan I have no clue as to how it can be done? We are confused with many things and genuinely need some help. What business can be done in UK is really a question mark for us.

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Dear Sir,

We note your query relating to the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa and type of business that could qualify for this visa category. We will contact you to discuss your query in detail.

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