Hi! I am from Poland and living in UK since 2004! Working non stop since August 2005 in one of the biggest bank as personal banker. I have a son who is British as his father is British but we never get married and separated many years ago so I am a single parent! I have a mortgage since 2015. I am full time worker but receiving child tax credits etc. Everything looks great but unfortunately I had an inncident with police in August 2014 and I got Simple Caution Record. I am so worry... Not sure if that will automatically put my application on danger of refuse? Are they checking this little warnings and cautions? Should I wait 3 year till applying? What would happen if I would not mention it on the application form!? Looking for any advice! Would really appreciate your help! Thank you! A.

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Thank you for your question. The Home Office is refusing a large number of PRC applications. It may be best that you instruct us to submit your application with a letter explaining the incident. We can also ensure you have the correct documentation submitted which can improve your chances of your application being approved. Someone from our office will be in touch with you shortly.
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