Hi I am working under Tier - 2 visa as 'Lecturer' in further education. SOC code is 2312. I have the required salary for the Tier 2 visa. I am eligible to apply ILR in May'2021. However I do not fulfil the salary requirement cap of £36,900.00, Presently I am short by £4000.0 annually. My salary does not look like will increase any further as organisation has given me the highest salary for that post.

My question is there any chance or way I can get ILR in 2021 or I have to leave country after passing 6 years of Tier 2 visa.

Fyi, I am staying with my family - Wife and two children. One child is giving GCSC next year and another child in year 8 presently. My wife is not working.

Appreciate your kind response and help.

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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your question.

There may be a possibility for your ILR application to be granted. We will require further information from you in order to advise you on your options. Our solicitors will contact you shortly to discuss your matter further.

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