Hi. I have entered in uk on student visa and after completion of 3 years, i have applied for further leave to remain and it got refused. i appealed and hearing was after a year but i left uk as soon as i applied for appeal due to serious medical condition. now i want to get visitor visa to participate in one charity event and vodafone has invited me for that event. i am indian citizenship and currently in india and want to come on visitor visa. i can share my details for my previous visa if i can get visitor visa on this grounds? please let me know by email so that i can start my process as soon as possible as event will start on 25th june and before it i need to submit my file. I appreciate your quick reply in this matter.

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This is a quick courtesy email to inform you we can advise you regarding your application for a visitor visa. Albeit, this is something that we routinely deal with, so I would suggest that we arrange a consultation to discuss how we can help you in your application.

May I kindly ask that you confirm your availability for an appointment with us next week?

Following our meeting, if you would like us to represent you, we will deduct the consultation fee at the end of your case.

If you would like to proceed in this way, please confirm your availability for a meeting next week.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
OTS Solicitors

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