Hi I'm family member of an eea national with PR. have applied for eea family permit as extended family member for my 2 siblings but gotrefused appealed after 1and half year later got appeal date but under sala rules the judge dismissed the case saying not under her jurisdiction.shown to few barrister about the case gave positive answer as to do Judicial review. The first point they refuse saying that they aren't my siblings even though I have provided DNA test . Do you think if there is any good chances to win in Judicial review as i don't have any other choices.I would appreciate if you could tell me if there is any good chances .

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Sala case has made it clear there is no statutory right of appeal against the decision of the Secretary of State not to grant a Residence Card to a person claiming to be an Extended Family Member. However we can always take instruction from you and examine whether there are any merits on your case for Judicial Review.

We will contact you shortly to discuss this matter in further detail.

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