Hi my ILR application was refused because i have not submitted my Tax return on time. Before submitting Indefinite Leave to Remain, I had requested SA302 documents from HMRC for last 5 years to check if all his records are upto date. Upon receiving SA302 documents, I was to see that there were inconsistencies in earnings information submitted to HMRC by accountant. As soon I became aware of this, I spoke to HMRC and informed the whole situation and they advised me to submit amended accounts for amendment of accounts.The amended accounts were prepared & submitted to HMRC before submitting Indefinite Leave to Remain application.But home office refused the application under Paragraph 322(5) of the Immigration Rules.

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Dear sir, the Home Office has unfortunately refused your application under Paragraph 322(5) because the income which you had confirmed that you had received from your activities as self-employment in your application for Leave to Remain/ILR did not reflect the figures provided to the HRMC. Regardless of whether you have now gone back and confirmed the correct figure and paid the correct amount of tax which previously fell due, the Home Office have taken the view that you would not have received the appropriate points required had you declared the figures given to the HRMC to the Home Office as the time of your previous applications for Leave to Remain as a Tier 1 (General) migrant.  A member of our Business Immigration team shall be in touch with you shortly, should you wish to discuss the decision in further details and your options moving forward.

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