Hi. My query is on the child dependent visa. My son will be turning 18 in 5 months time but I am aware this is under the 6 month time allowed for applications. Am I still able to apply for a child dependent visa as I am the sole carer? Would he still classify as a child as he is currently under 18 but will be over 18 once it is processed etc? Thank you!

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Thank you for your question.
Provided that a child who is applying under the Immigration Rules, Part 8, paras 296–316 or the Immigration Rules, Appendix FM, Section EC-C submits their application before their 18th birthday, even if they turn 18 before the application is decided, the application may still be accepted.

The date of application for entry clearance applications is usually the day that the fee is paid. This will differ according to the application process in the country of application (ie whether the fee is paid at the time of submitting the online application form or if it is paid at the same time as biometrics are taken and the documents submitted at the post or Visa Application Centre).

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