Hi there, My fiancee is British and I am Brazilian. We're living in Australia at the moment, country here I've been living for the past 6-7 years. She moved to Australia January 2017, but we know each other for over 6 years. We're going to get married in UK on October 2018, but we're planning to move to UK a bit earlier. I've heard I can only make this move on a family visa 6 months before our wedding day, is that true?So it would be only may-jury next year. Rather than that, do we have any other available option so we could begin our lives in UK sooner?

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Thank you for your enquiry.

There may be 2 possible routes available to you to enter the UK with a view to settle as a family member/spouse of a British citizen. They are; entry clearance as an unmarried partner or entry clearance as a fiancee. There may be other options available to you and thus we will need more information from you before we can advise. 

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