Hi therel, I was granted a tier 2 general visa on 02/09/2013 and came to UK on 06/09/13. My wife and son were granted tier 2 dependent visa at same time but they came to UK on 26/01/14. Now I wanted to ask that can we all apply for ILR in this September after completion of 5 yrs of the visa being issued or since my wife and kid came late will they have to wait till 26/01/19 and what kind of visa shall I apply for them along with my ILR application. Thanks

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Thank you for your question.

Your wife and child can either apply for ILR 5 years from when they entered the UK or 5 years from when their visa was granted. If they apply 5 years from when  their visa was granted, the period between the visa being granted and the date they entered the UK will be counted as an absence. As they are dependants, their absences will not be counted. They can therefore apply at the earliest point they want.

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