Hi we are a non EEU NZ family of 4 and have indefinite leave to remain with residency cards.However our children needed to renew their cards due to age/appearance after 5 years in photo.We sent documentation in feb to home office and have still not got back the renewal cards, even though we have full residency.We are due to visit family in NZ in August and wondered if children will be refused entry back into UK without proof of residency cards?It will have been 6 mths by then which seems awfully long for just a renewal card.Please can you give us advice

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Thank you for your enquiry. 

If your children travel without their biometric residence permits, they will be refused entry to the UK upon return from your trip. This is because the UK Border's staff need to see evidence of their right to enter and remain in the UK before allowing them to enter.

You should write to the relevant department at the Home Office to request them to expedite the matter and issue the biometric residence permits as soon as possible, highlighting the fact that you have a family holiday booked for August. 

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